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Ages 10-12

My World English Advanced Primary School

To prepare to study abroad

My World English is designed to cultivate children's self-confidence and to help them positively face the 21st century's opportunities and challenges. It stimulates children's desire to explore the outside world with firm and indomitable perseverance.

Teaching Objectives

Parents's ABIE Experience

We are so happy to have ABIE in our city. When we first walked into ABIE, we saw great teaching equipment, teaching ideas, and also received great service; which makes us feel happy to let our children study here. Caspar, our son, has studied here for more than a year. He loves his teachers. He thinks it is a joy to spend time learning English with his foreign teacher. More importantly, ABIE's use of Smartboard technology and 'edutainment' helps to fully engage the children's curiosity and sense of play. This fully mobilizes the children's interest in learning English, so that they want to linger in the rich and colorful classroom, and can, consequently, master English skills more quickly. As parents, we are very satisfied with all aspects of ABIE this year. He not only learned English, but also became more confident.

Parents's ABIE Experience

Jack's English scores became more stable after he began studying at ABIE. He received praise for his oral English from his schoolteacher because he practiced a lot at ABIE. He has started to try reading out new words with phonics sounds. He is so confident now that he will try to talk to the foreigners that we meet during our trips. We hope he can learn as much as possible with ABIE. We hope ABIE will be better and better.

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21stCentury Classes

ABIE advocates for the development of the whole person through the three main aspects of 21st Century Skills: Life and Career Skills, Learning and Innovation Skills, and Media and Technology Skills.

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ABIE carefully chooses authoritative TESOL and/or TEFL certified teachers from North America and other English speaking countries. At ABIE, children receive pure, comprehensive English lessons.

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All of our centers embrace the concept of total immersion. From the moment each student enters, until the moment they leave, nothing but English is spoken. Each classroom is equiped with an interactive whiteboard to provide the students with a richer

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24h Online Platform

A full range of teaching services, available 24 hours a day, provide children with the opportunity to learn and review at their own pace. These services, when paired with a variety of extracurricular activities

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ABIE Courses

In this era of innovation and challenge, as long as we follow the correct learning concepts and paths, every child can "Speak Like American Born" and become an international citizen of the 21st Century!

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