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Ages 3-6

My Little World Preschool Children

My Little World is designed to expose children to English through stories and rich rhymes. This fosters a love of learning in general, and reading in particular. The course is also enriched by a number of songs that improve musical intelligence and aid in English language acquisition.

  • Students study the 26 letters of the English alphabet and phonemic sounds in addition to learning phonics rules and practicing pronunciation.
  • Students learn common vocabulary words and basic, everyday language. They are given an opportunity to master two-hundred vocabulary words and an additional one-hundred incidental words.
  • Students are exposed to American Sign Language to enhance their communication skills.

Corner Activities
Corner Activities

Teaching Objectives

Parent's ABIE Experience

At the beginning, I, along with several other mothers, compared many language training institutions. The reason that we choose ABIE's Shennong center is because ABIE has a very advanced educational philosophy, a clear and comfortable teaching environment, and a humorous American English teacher. There are teachers that really love the children. I think 3 years old is the critical age to learn a new language. If we want children to speak English fluently, must have a pure mother tongue environment. Jason has been studying at ABIE for almost two months. We can see his changes after studying at ABIE. He loves to go to ABIE and he won't go home after classes unless he spends time reading English storybooks with his teachers.

ABIE Zhuzhou Center

Parent's ABIE Experience

Momo hasn't been to kindergarten because he is still under 3 years old. He usually goes to early education classes once or twice a week. I personally think that 3 year old kids need to learn something; especially when children have few opportunities to play and communicate with other children. We read a good article about how beneficial it is for children to start learning English at 3 years old. So we took him to ABIE!

ABIE Zhuzhou Center

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21stCentury Classes

ABIE advocates for the development of the whole person through the three main aspects of 21st Century Skills: Life and Career Skills, Learning and Innovation Skills, and Media and Technology Skills.

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ABIE carefully chooses authoritative TESOL and/or TEFL certified teachers from North America and other English speaking countries. At ABIE, children receive pure, comprehensive English lessons.

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All of our centers embrace the concept of total immersion. From the moment each student enters, until the moment they leave, nothing but English is spoken. Each classroom is equiped with an interactive whiteboard to provide the students with a richer

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24h Online Platform

A full range of teaching services, available 24 hours a day, provide children with the opportunity to learn and review at their own pace. These services, when paired with a variety of extracurricular activities

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ABIE Courses

In this era of innovation and challenge, as long as we follow the correct learning concepts and paths, every child can "Speak Like American Born" and become an international citizen of the 21st Century!

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