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Franchise Cooperation Requirements

New Franchise Policies starting from January 1, 2016:

一、Franchise Terms 1. To have a good business reputation and business ethics, and a strong sense of service;
2. To be able to identity the management and education concepts of ABIE, and to love children's education;
3. To have certain market operation or management abilities, having education industry experience is preferred;
4. To be familiar with the local market, local resources, and have the ability to operate and control a franchise;
5. To have 150-200 million RMB investment strength;
6. To have an overseas education background or multinational company management experience is preferred.
二、Franchise Forms 1. ABIE Headquarters authorized franchisees to use ABIE’s trademarks, course system, and training courses in the territory;
2. Single authorization, implement regional protection policies within a radius of 3 kilometers without authorization, authorization for a period of 5 years;

Franchise Cooperation Procedure

ABIE Hotline: ABIE Headquarters address: 20th and 22nd Floors, No.388 Fushan Rd, Pudong New District, Shanghai

1. To know about ABIE
2. To complete a ‘Letter of Franchise Intent’
3. To make an appointment with Headquarters for site visits
4. To negotiate and sign the franchise cooperation agreement
5. To pay the franchise fee

6. To attend the 19 day investors’ training
7. To create school support structures
8. To hold a Grand Opening Ceremony
9. To start operating the center
10. To communicate with HQ for follow up support

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